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The Jetson Haze Electric Bike

With its budget-friendly $549 From Costco, the Jetson Haze electric bike makes an approachable e-bike for short urban commutes. Its 350-watt hub motor provides pedal assist up to 15mph alongside useful features like integrated lights and fenders.

Key Specs and Features of the Jetson Haze

Jetson Haze Electric Bike

  • 350-watt rear hub motor
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame
  • 12-inch wheels with 3-inch wide tires
  • Range of up to 15 miles per charge
  • Top assisted speed of 15 mph
  • 33 lb total weight and 265 lb max capacity
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Integrated headlight, taillight and fenders

Classified as a Class 1 e-bike, the pedal-assist Haze provides a nice boost while still relying on the rider’s efforts. The hub motor adds power based on pedaling cadence sensed through the cranks.

Easy Handling for Urban Environments

The Jetson Haze’s smaller 12-inch wheels, flat handlebars and overall lightweight 33-lb design make it easy to maneuver at low speeds. Its geometry gives an upright, comfortable riding position in traffic. The cadence sensor provides smooth acceleration from stops and helps climbing gentle urban hills.

Range and Charging to Cover Urban Distances

Testers found the Haze’s maximum range to be around 15 miles in ideal conditions. Variable factors like hills, rider weight, tire pressure and assist level can reduce range. Recharging the battery takes 2-4 hours when plugged into a standard wall outlet. Faster charges are possible with an aftermarket rapid charger.

Ideal Uses for the Jetson Haze

Jetson Haze Electric Bike

The Haze works well for flat urban commutes under 10 miles. Its smaller wheels are stable yet nimble for bike lanes and congested streets. The integrated lights increase visibility to traffic at night or in bad weather. It can handle packed dirt trails for recreational rides but lacks suspension for very rough terrain.

Where the Haze Excels Given its Affordable Price

Jetson Haze Electric Bike

For under $1000, the Jetson Haze focuses budget dollars in the right places:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame and smaller wheels enhance portability
  • Useful included accessories – lights, fenders, display
  • Hub motor and battery provide solid low-speed power
  • Responsive cadence-sensing pedal assist

It delivers good value in a nimble, easy-to-operate package well-suited for congested urban transportation under 15 miles.

Limitations to Consider

The Jetson Haze makes some trade-offs to meet its accessible price point:

  • 350W motor lacks torque for steep hills
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Max assisted speed of just 15 mph
  • No fancy features or mobile app connectivity
  • Smaller 12″ wheels not ideal for bumpy trails

While high-end components are not expected at this price, understanding its modest power and basic features prevents disappointment.

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